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Clyde playing snooker at Archie Graham

Lining up for Celebrage 2014

News Article Date: 
Monday, 29 September 2014

Few people can claim to have snookered Australian sporting legend Eddie Charlton, but Clyde Sheppard is one of them.

Clyde is helping to organise an eight-ball (also known as pool) tournament on October 22 as part of the Celebrage Festival and will be more than happy to help beginners with simple skills and show experts how he snookered the 20-time Australian champion.

Clyde squared off against “Steady Eddie” in an exhibition match in the 1970s and although Clyde came off second best he made a dream start.

“When you break in snooker you normally run off the second last ball and try and put the white down behind the green or the brown or the yellow,” Clyde explained.

“I was able to do this and I snookered him.

“He looked at me and thought “what have I got here?”, but he soon found out that I wasn’t as good as he first thought,” Clyde joked.

Clyde’s efforts were even more impressive considering his lack of experience on full-size tables.

“At the RSL, where I was a member as well, they had one large table down the bottom so naturally I went and had a bit of a practice on that before I played Eddie Charlton,” Clyde said.

“It was quite enjoyable. The crowd really enjoyed it. When you’d pot a ball they’d all cheer.

“Eddie was a very nice fella too.”

Clyde joined the Archie Graham Centre four or five years ago and was amazed with the facilities, with three full-size snooker tables free for all members to use.

“I don’t think people realise how good the facilities are here for whatever you want to do,” he said.

“These are three good tables and they’re not easy to come by in any setting. There’s indoor bowls here and cards always gets a good turnout too.

“I think it pays to be active. I’ve had friends that sat at home once they retired and didn’t go out and do anything, and they’re not with us anymore.”

Archie Graham Centre Coordinator Mary McLeod encouraged everyone over 60 to look at the program and attend at least one event.

“Come along and have a try. You never know what you might miss out on or how much you will enjoy something if you don’t come along,” she said.

“We have a diverse range of activities for all interests and abilities and we’ve kept prices as low as possible, with many events free.”

A copy of the full Celebrage program can be picked up at the Archie Graham Centre, the Warrnambool City Council Civic Centre, Anchor Point, Heatherlie Homes, Lyndoch, Gillin Park, Mercy Place, St John of God, South West Healthcare, the Bowls Clubs on Cramer Street and Timor Street, the Warrnambool Football Club and the Pavilion.

It can also be accessed online at  

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